• It shall be lawful for the EB from time to time to frame and propose such rules and regulations and bye-laws for the management and administration of the organisation.
  • Proposals for changes in the Memorandum of Understanding, or Rules or Bye-Laws, shall be considered only at an annual meeting of the General Body or at a meeting specially convened for the purpose, and the said proposals should reach the Head-Office, at least 2 months before the schedule meeting. The proposal, after being taken on the Agenda, shall be carried out, in effect, only if 2/3rds of the members present voted for it.
  • The EB shall have the power to recommend to the General Body any changes in the rules of the Associations, and the amendment of the recommendation will be valid only when a 2/3rd majority in the General Body voted for it.
  • Any individual member desirous of proposing any changes in the rules of the Association shall give at least 60 days period notice of such proposal before the date of the meeting of the General Body to the Hony. General Secretary in writing signed by the proposer and duly seconded and supported by other valid Life Members.
  • The Hony. General Secretary will put the same to the EB, and if approved by the EB, it shall place it before the next Annual General Body meeting for its approval. The proposed changes in rules or Bye-Laws should be taken on the agenda.