The Funds Of The IMA-MSN UP State Shall Be Derived From The Following Sources:

  • Membership fees and other share of IMA-MSN UP State as applicable Special contributions or donations rose directly or through the Local Branches.
  • Contributions received from the Local Branches or the Zones organizing the Annual Conference. Surplus occurring from the Annual Conference should be disbursed as decided by the EB.
  • Interests of deposits/rests etc.
  • The donations accepted from such other source as authorized by the EB.
  • Any income derived from the property of this association will be utilized only for the objects of the Association. Under no circumstances the funds can be diverted for any other purpose.

Investment And Operation Of Accounts:

  • The Office Bearers shall be entitled from time to time to open and maintain a banking account with the nationalized banks in the name of the Association and same shall be operated jointly by Convener, Hony. General Secretary, Joint Secretary and Hony. Treasurer (Any two of four) or the members as decided in an extra-ordinary general meeting with an observer signatory from IMA HQ.
  • Any money of the Association not immediately required for any of its objects may be invested in such manner as may from time to time be determined by E.B.
  • The assets, movable or immovable, shall vest in the name of IMA-MSN UP State and investment of funds shall be in the name of IMA-MSN UP State and operated jointly by any two of the Convener, Hony. Gen. Secretary and Hony. Treasurer.
  • The reserved funds of the Association shall be deposited at a place decided by the EB and will be managed by Finance Committee as per the directives of EB.


  • The Hony. General Secretary shall out of the funds of IMA-MSN defray all ordinary expenses and shall pay rents, wages and such charges as may be necessary for carrying out the work of the IMA-MSN and provided in the budget.
  • Extra ordinary expenses if any must be brought to the notice of the EB and its approval obtained.


  • The Journal or publication fund as received by subscriptions as applied, conference surplus and other sources.
  • Any Fund shall be raised as and when required with the permission of the EB.
  • Donations received from the Members or others for prizes or other purposes.