1. State Convener

  • To convene and preside over all meetings.
  • To guide and control the activities of the Association.
  • To regulate the proceedings of the meetings and conference, interpret the rules and bye-laws and give a decision on doubtful points, and use his/her discretionary powers to resolve the problems. If the matter is still not resolved, he will seek the advice of competent persons or the authority to resolve the dispute. Shall have, in addition to ordinary vote, a casting vote in case of equality of votes.
  • To form the necessary committees which shall initiate the activities of IMA-MSN and to appoint the chairperson of the respective committees .
  • To officially represent the association.
  • To exercise discretionary powers in situations which require immediate decisions and actions provided that it is not contrary to the objectives of the association and provided that he informs the member branches not later than two months after the said decision/action was done, to be ratified by the Executive Board.
  • To preside over the elections for the incoming term.
  • To act as an ex-official advisor to the incoming set of officers.
  • The immediate Past President shall help the President as well as the EB for the various plans and projects to be implemented.

2. State Co-Convener

  • To be in-charge of operations of the Zone or Zones of Association as delineated by the President, IMA-MSN.
  • To keep all records of the Executive Committee to attain the object.
  • To carry out all type of correspondence of the Association.
  • To receive or organise fund raising, donation.
  • To get all accounts audited.
  • To keep relation with Government, Non-Government organisation, Industries, Bank, different social service and development organisations.
  • To maintain correspondence with agencies of the country and abroad for sponsorship programme, development work, promoting organisational work and exchange programme.
  • Time to time inform accounts and progress report of the work to the concerned agencies and people.
  • To discuss with the Convener about all the work and to carry out as per his consent.
  • To keep up to date registers of the Association.
  • To maintain all necessary books of accounts to keep accounts of the Association.

3. Hony. State General Secretary

  • To compile the minutes of regular meetings of the EB.
  • Shall have the overall charge of all offices of the Association.
  • Shall have general supervision of accounts, pass all the bills for payments and sign cheques.
  • To assist the Overall Chairperson and Vice Overall Chairperson in ensuring that meetings are run smoothly.
  • To keep and safeguard all official files and documents of the Association.
  • To continuously update all official files of the Association by securing relevant material or reports.
  • To assist the Overall Chairperson and Vice Overall Chairperson in compiling official documents and reports.
  • To compile yearly progress reports from members of the EB.
  • To closely collaborate with the concerned office bearer in compiling and updating the content of official publications, including the website and presentations at conferences.
  • To regularly update the EB on the progress of IMA-MSN.

4. Hony. State Joint Secretaries

  • The Hony. State Joint Secretaries shall help the General Secretary in all work, in
    conducting correspondence, in preparing statement of accounts, in the working of the committees and sub-committees, in organizational work, etc. b. In absence of the Hony. General Secretary, one of the State Joint Secretaries deputed by the State Convener shall ordinarily act in his place.

5. Honorary Finance Secretary /Treasurer

  • Shall receive all the money of the Association and deposit it in a nationalized bank.
  • Shall be responsible for collection of all subscriptions and contribution due to the Association, along with the Honorary General Secretary.
  • Shall dispose of the bills for payment as sanctioned by the Honorary General Secretary, and only on his written order.
  • Shall have the right to point out any error or discrepancy in the order of payment of Hony. General Secretary, and refer the order back to him, with his remarks. In the event of disagreement still persisting between the Hony. General Secretary and Hony. Treasurer, the matter shall be referred to the Convener for the final decision.
  • Shall be responsible for keeping up-to-date accounts of the Association with all accounts books completed up-to-date.
  • Shall get the accounts edited by the auditors of the Association
  • Shall prepare quarterly accounts to be placed before the EB
  • Shall prepare an annual statement of accounts and a balance sheet showing the financial position of the Association; get it audited by the Auditor, appointed at the Annual General Body meeting.
  • Shall keep cash on hand up to Rs.1000 for immediate use.
  • Will appraise the Hony. General Secretary about the financial position from time to time.

6. Hony. Joint Finance Secretary /Treasurer

  • Hony. Joint Treasurer / Finance Secretary shall help Hony. Treasurer / Finance Secretary in conducting his duties.
  • In the absence of Hony. Finance Secretary the works will be done by Hony. Joint Treasurer / Finance Secretary upon instruction from the Hony. General Secretary.

7. Public Relation & Fund Raising (State JS)

  • He will be assisted by a member or a set of 2-3 members, who will be called Deputy Public Relation Officer or Officers, IMA-MSN and they together, will constitute a committee led by the officer in charge.
  • Monitor public opinion about IMA-MSN in general or on particular issues;
  • Advise management on policy issues and communication strategies;
  • Plan public relations programmes including preparing cost budgets;
  • Present arguments on behalf of an IMA-MSN (lobbying) to other organisations and special interest groups;
  • Liaise with the public and respond to inquiries;
  • Write, edit and arrange production of print materials such as newsletters, house magazines, pamphlets and brochures;
  • Assist in preparing organisational documents such as annual reports, corporate profiles and submissions;
  • Write speeches, prepare visual aids and make public presentations;
  • Oversee production of visual (film or video) and audio electronic material, including managing an internet web-site;
  • Organise special events such as open days, visits, exhibitions and functions;
  • Conduct internal communication courses, workshops and media training;
  • Evaluate communication activities and recommend future actions.

8. Media Spokesperson

  • Primary responsibility is to work with media outlets to foster the best possible public image for the Association.
  • Liaise with the media, i.e. respond to inquiries, arrange interviews with journalists, prepare and distribute news releases and make statements;
  • Write and edit press releases, send out emails and update websites.
  • In conjunction with the Public Relation Officer, he’ll be responsible in monitoring public opinion about IMA-MSN in general.
  • In times he may also be called upon to minimize damage to the association from negative media reports, scandals and the like.